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Cynthia Terry- Founder of Cindy Terry Outreach, Inc.

About us: Cindy Terry Outreach started out as a mere thought from the founder Cindy Terry in October of 2014. People were consistently asking her for personal loans for their dire situations. Most of the time she complied, all too happy to help someone who really needed it. However, working as a 3rd shift LPN, her paycheck was only going to stretch so far, most times loaning out anywhere from $300.00-$400.00 per month, in which some was never paid back. That did not stop her from helping people of course, she continued to do so whenever she could. She felt that if people really, really needed help, she was blessed with a good job to help them. She started putting her ideas in place for an organization that could and would assist those who really needed it. She had no idea how to start an organization, so a lot of researching was needed. She was somewhat discouraged by all of the requirements but decided it was worth going after. She knew it was going to be time consuming but prepared herself for the task. Starting this organization out of her one-bedroom apartment in Ohio, everyday she put in the time, gathering ideas, writing down everything that needed to be done, setting goals, thinking about the day her organization would be as big as the Red Cross. Slowly but surely, things started falling into place, little by little. People were really supportive of her idea. She solicited the help of her younger brother Scott to be her advisor and partner. 

"It's exciting and scary all at the same time, I have never done anything this big before, I've never thought of myself as a humanitarian, but I know I'm being led down this path for a reason", Ms. Terry stated. 

So in December of 2015, Cindy Terry Outreach started fundraising efforts. "The sooner we can get funds in place, the sooner we can start helping people", she said. 

Fundraising efforts are now underway.

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